Suspend Insulin


To temporarily suspend insulin, tap Options > Stop Insulin. Select the duration* (default setting is 15 minutes). You can choose from the following settings: 

  • 15 min  
  • 30 min  
  • 45 min  
  • 1 hour  

The selected duration will be saved the next time you “Stop Insulin.”  

The Resume Pump Alarm will announce once the duration of time expires, but insulin will not automatically resume after the time ends. You will receive the Resume Pump Alarm and will have to manually resume insulin.  

The Resume Pump Alarm will repeat every three minutes until it is addressed.  

Once you acknowledge the Resume Pump Alarm, it will repeat after 15 minutes if you do not manually resume insulin.   

*If you are on pump software version 7.4 or 6.4 or earlier you will only have the option to suspend for 15 minutes. 




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