Enabling Mobile Connection/Bluetooth on your t:slim X2 Insulin Pump

The Bluetooth setting on the t:slim X2 insulin pump must be enabled to allow the t:connect mobile app to communicate with the pump.

To access the Bluetooth Settings menu, tap Options, Device Settings.

If you do not see Device Settings on your pump, please visit portal.tandemdiabetes.com to update the software on your pump.

Within Device Settings, you will find Bluetooth Settings.  


From this screen, you can toggle on or off the ability for your pump to establish a Mobile Connection. This is like turning on Bluetooth on your smartphone and enables your pump to pair with your smartphone.

Please Note: Do not turn on this setting if you do not intend to use the t:connect mobile app. By turning the mobile connection on, the pump will continue to search for Bluetooth devices. This can impact battery life. 

The Mobile Connection setting is not used for communication with the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) transmitter, so leaving it off will not affect connectivity to your CGM system.




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