Enabling Smartphone Notifications

To receive notifications from the t:connect mobile app on your smartphone:

  1. Enable notifications in your smartphone settings
  2. Enable notifications in the t:connect mobile app
  3. Keep the t:connect mobile app running in the background on your smartphone

Notifications will include your pump alert text information and use the audible tones that you set up in your smartphone settings. If you set your notifications to silent, you will not receive an audible alert tone for your pump alerts and alarms on your smartphone.

We recommend that you enable notifications on your smartphone to receive your pump alerts, alarms, and notifications.

Enabling notifications in your smartphone settings:


To enable Notifications on your iPhone, tap Settings. Tap Notifications.  Scroll down & tap t:connect. Turn toggle on for Allow Notifications and choose the types of Notifications you would like to be displayed.



To enable Notifications on your Android device, go to Settings and tap Notifications. Choose a pop-up style, either Brief or Detailed. Tap on Included apps.  Scroll down and make sure that t:connect is selected.


Enabling notifications in the t:connect mobile app:

To enable app notifications in the t:connect mobile app, tap Settings on the Navigation bar.

Tap Notification Settings.  Tap the toggle to have notifications sent to your smartphone.  You can choose to have both Pump Alerts and Alarms and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) Alerts and Errors sent to your smartphone to be displayed.





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