What should I do if my cartridge is leaking or damaged? (t:slim X2 insulin pump)

If you notice insulin surrounding the white fill port, it may be residual insulin left by the syringe & needle during the cartridge fill process. To confirm, blot away the residual insulin with a soft, clean tissue and confirm no additional leakage is observed. 

Always inspect your cartridges for any visible damage prior to filling with insulin. If you suspect the cartridge may be damaged, do not use it.


If you see insulin leaking from the base of your cartridge, or from the cartridge pigtail, you will need to discard the leaking cartridge, then load a new cartridge with insulin.  

When filling the cartridge with insulin, ensure that you do so with the cartridge off the pump. Never fill the cartridge while it is connected to the pump. 

Ensure that you follow the Load Sequence Tips listed below, paying special attention to not overfilling cartridges. For t:slim X2 cartridges, the total amount of insulin in the cartridge should never exceed 300 units. 

To help avoid this in the future, make sure you are using proper load technique. If this issue is persistent, please contact Customer Technical Support. 


Load Sequence Tips (t:slim X2 insulin pump): 

  • Do not re-use or re-fill cartridges. 
  • Use the syringe that came with your cartridges. 
  • Use room-temperature insulin. 
  • Ensure there are no visible cracks in the cartridge. 
  • Ensure that there are no visible air bubbles in the syringe.  
  • We recommend filling the syringe with a minimum of 120 units. 
  • Only used approved insulins 
  • Ensure you insert the needle in the center of the white cartridge fill port. 
  • Do not overfill cartridges. The base of the syringe’s plunger should not pass the 3mL line. 


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