My Screen On/Quick Bolus Button isn’t working. What should I do? (t:slim X2)


Push the button several more times with more force, using two fingers. 

If your pump is in a case that covers the Screen On Quick Bolus Button, try removing the pump from the case and pressing the button. 

If the display will not turn on, plug the pump into a power source: 

  • If the display does not immediately turn on, the pump may have shut down due to lower power. Leave the pump plugged into the power source until the display lights up. Do not press the Screen On Quick Bolus Button while you wait. 
  • If the display immediately turns on, unplug the pump from the power source and confirm that you can access the pump’s features (such as tapping the Options menu). 

After removing the pump from the power source, if the Screen On Quick Bolus Button continues to be unresponsive, please Contact Us for further assistance. Stay near a power source so that you can turn on the pump display in the meantime. 

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