What should I do if my pump won’t charge? (t:slim X2)

If the battery is fully discharged, the screen will not power on immediately when connected to a charging source. The LED will blink green every two seconds until there is enough charge to power-on the touchscreen. If you see the LED blinking green every two seconds, leave the pump plugged into the charging source  until it powers on. While waiting for the pump to turn on, you should not press the Screen On/Quick Bolus button.

 If you see a Power Source Alert in your pump’s history (Options > History > Pump History > Alerts and Alarms), please visit this article for more information.

If your pump is not charging while plugged into a computer or USB Port:

  1. If using a laptop, ensure it is connected to a power source.
  2. Connect the charging cable to a different USB Port. With some USB ports (USB 3.0 or SS USB), it may take up to 3 minutes before charging begins.
  3. Make sure you have the t:connect uploader installed on the computer.
  4. Try connecting the charging cable to an outlet using a wall adapter.

If your pump is not charging while using a car charger or wall adapter: 

  1. Try moving the car charger into a wall adapter.
  2. Insert the wall adapter into a different outlet.
  3. Try a different charging cable.
  4. Try a different wall adapter.

The following should occur when you connect a power supply into the USB port of your pump:

  • You hear an audible alert
  • You see the green light illuminate from the edge around the Quick Bolus/Screen On button
  • You feel a vibratory alert
  • You see a charge symbol (lightning bolt) on the er of the pump screen

We recommend using the Tandem wall USB power adapter and USB cable to charge the pump. You can purchase replacement charging supplies by clicking here.

We recommend keeping the rubber charging port cover closed to prevent dust and debris  from entering the micro-USB port of the pump. If necessary, you may use a soft bristle brush (do not use tweezers or any type of metal brush)  to clean the port area. The charging port cover swivels 360 degrees around the hole. While charging, make sure you are swiveling the cover rather than bending it backwards to preserve the cover. You can purchase additional charging port covers by clicking here.

If the charging issue you are experiencing persists, please Contact Us for troubleshooting.

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