Why did my pump's battery indicator suddenly jump? (t:slim X2)

If your pump’s battery level indicator experienced  a large drop (>25%) or large increase (>10%) while not plugged in within a 2-hour period, this is normal battery behavior.


This can occur when viewing the battery level indicator during a high battery usage event, such as fill tubing, bolus delivery, an alarm declaration, etc. The indicated battery level will return to the accurate value  generally after 30 minutes. Charging the pump for 30 minutes will also help to resolve the issue.

If you see a Power Source Alert in your pump’s history (Options > History > Pump History > Alerts and Alarms), please visit this article for more information. 

If the battery level indicator is dropping more quickly than you expect, please visit this article for tips on how to minimize battery impact.

If the battery jumping issue you are experiencing persists, please Contact Us for troubleshooting.

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