Pump Displays “---" or Hourglass Icon


If your pump is displaying 3 dashes or an Hourglass icon in the CGM status box, this means that the sensor is sending sensor glucose readings that the System does not understand. The 3 dashes will remain on the screen until a new sensor glucose reading is received and displayed in their place.  

Please wait 30 minutes for more information from the system. Do not enter BG values for calibration. The system will not use BG values for calibration when “---” appears on the screen.  

If you are seeing “---” on your pump for longer than 3 hours, you will need to replace your sensor. You may submit a service request using this form. 

For instructions on how to insert a Dexcom G6 Sensor, click here. 

Did you know that Dexcom offers free overpatches to provide extra protection and durability for their CGM sensors? You can order these overpatches here: Overlay Patch Form. 

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