Why am I getting Missed Meal Bolus Reminders even though I delivered a bolus with my t:slim X2 pump?

The Missed Meal Bolus Reminder lets you know if a Food or Correction bolus was not delivered during a specified time period.  

If you enter units of insulin into the top center box of the bolus screen, rather than grams of carbs or a BG value, the pump registers the bolus as an Override Bolus, rather than a Food or Correction Bolus. Because the Bolus got registered as an Override bolus, the Missed Meal Bolus Reminder does not consider it, and the reminder occurs. 

To avoid this in the future, ensure that you enter Grams of Carbs into the Carbs box on the Bolus screen. This also applies if you have Units turned on instead of Carbs. 

carbs_screen.png insulin_bolus_screen.png

Four separate Missed Meal Bolus reminders are available. When programming this reminder, you need to select the Days, the Start Time, and End Time for each reminder. To edit the Missed Meal Bolus reminders, tap OPTIONS -> MY PUMP -> ALERTS & REMINDERS -> PUMP REMINDERS -> MISSED MEAL BOLUS.




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