Troubleshooting t:connect mobile app connection errors

If you see any of the following error messages on your t:connect mobile app, you can attempt to resolve the issue on your own by completing the steps below: 

Error Messages

  • Bluetooth is Off
  • Could Not Connect to t:slim pump
  • Could Not Retrieve Data
  • Unable to Reach Pump
  • No Pumps available nearby
  • Pump Connection Lost 

For iOS only

Check to see if your pump shows as “Connected” or “Not Connected” in your phone’s Bluetooth menu. (Phone Settings > Bluetooth > view under My Devices). If it shows as “Not Connected”, tap on your pump in the Bluetooth menu list to get the device to reconnect.

Quick Tips to Resolve Issue for All Devices

  • Turn your phone’s Bluetooth off then on again
  • Ensure that your pump is within range of your mobile device (within line-of-sight, 20 feet, and without any obstruction between the two, including body parts).
  • Force quit/close out of the t:connect mobile app, then try launching the app again
    • To Force Quit on iOS devices: Double tap the Home button or swipe up from the bottom and hold. Find the t:connect mobile app and swipe up to close.
    • To Force Close on Android devices: Open Settings > Application Manager > Scroll to t:connect > tap Force Stop
  • Sign out of the app, then sign back in and complete the pairing process again
  • Try uninstalling then reinstalling the app
  • Try “forgetting” your pump from your phone’s Bluetooth menu, then go through the pairing process again on the mobile app
  • Reboot your mobile device

Note: If you experience any problems with the pairing process, please try repeating the process from the beginning, as that seems to resolve most issues.

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