How do I add a BG meter to my t:connect account?

NOTE: The latest version of the Mac uploader does not support BG meter uploads.

Uploading data from a BG meter gives you a more complete view of your diabetes data by including BG readings that may not have been entered into your pump.

Supported BG Meters

You can upload data to your t:connect Account from the following BG meters:

  • OneTouch® Verio®IQ (LifeScan®)
  • OneTouch® UltraMini® (LifeScan®)
  • OneTouch® Ultra®2 (LifeScan®)
  • Accu-Chek® (Aviva Roche®)*
  • Accu-Chek® Compact Plus (Roche®)*
  • FreeStyle® Lite® (Abbott Diabetes Care)
  • FreeStyle® Freedom Lite® (Abbott Diabetes Care)

*Accu-Chek® Aviva and Accu-Chek® Compact Plus are not currently supported on Mac® OS X®.

Adding a BG Meter

Before you can upload data from a BG meter, you need to add it to your t:connect Account.

To find out which meters are supported on your system, click on the Settings tab at the top of the page, and then click Add a BG Meter in the upper right of the screen.


Follow the onscreen instructions to complete adding a BG meter:

  1. Select your BG meter from the list of supported BG meters.

    Add a BG Meter
  2. Plug your BG meter into your computer using a cable from the meter manufacturer.

    Contact the BG meter manufacturer if you do not have a cable or if your BG meter has malfunctioned.

  3. Open t:connect Uploader and click Start Upload.

    Start Upload
  4. Click the Link Meter.
    Your new BG meter needs to be linked to your account. You will be redirected to the t:connect Application to link your device.
    Get Started

  5. Sign in to your t:connect Account to link your BG meter to your account.

    Sign In
  6. Congratulations, your BG meter is now linked to your t:connect Account.

    The t:connect Application will now be updated with your meter data.

    Both your BG meter and pump have a unique serial number that is linked to your account. This enables data to be uploaded from multiple locations (work, home or healthcare provider) into your account.

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