How do I upload pump or BG meter data to my t:connect account using my computer?

NOTE: The latest version of the Mac uploader does not support BG meter uploads.

To upload data from your pump or BG meter to your t:connect account, follow these steps (depending on your operating system, your interface may look slightly different):

    1. Plug your pump or BG meter into your computer.
    2. Open the t:connect uploader and click Start Upload.
      Upload times will vary depending on the number of records since your last upload.

      Start Upload Pump_connected.png

      You can also open t:connect uploader before connecting your device.

    3. The “Upload Successful” message is displayed after the data has successfully been transmitted.

    4. Click View Reports or Save Reports to be taken directly to the t:connect application.
        You can also navigate directly to the t:connect application through a web browser on any computer by going to



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