Using Personal Profiles to set basal rates, insulin sensitivities, and target BG (t:slim, t:flex, and t:slim G4 pumps) [video]

A Personal Profile is a group of settings that define basal and bolus delivery within specific time segments throughout a 24-hour period. Each profile can be personalized with a name. Within a Personal Profile the following can be set:

  • Timed Settings: Basal Rate, Correction Factor, Carb Ratio and Target BG.
  • Bolus Settings: Insulin Duration, Max Bolus and Carbohydrates setting (on/off).

Your Tandem insulin pump uses the settings in your active profile to calculate the delivery of basal insulin, food boluses and correction boluses based on your Target BG. If you only define a basal rate in Timed Settings, your pump will only be able to deliver basal insulin and standard and extended boluses. Your pump will not calculate correction boluses.

Up to 6 different Personal Profiles can be created and up to 16 different time segments can be set in each Personal Profile. Having several Personal Profiles provides more flexibility for your body and lifestyle. For example, you could have “Weekday” and “Weekend” profiles if you have different insulin delivery needs on weekdays and weekends, based on schedule, food intake, activity, and exercise, etc.

Watch the following video for an overview of Personal Profiles:

View, download, or print the following PDF for an illustrated guide to using Personal Profiles:

Personal Profiles Quick Reference Guide (PDF) >

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