Will I still need to plug my pump in at my doctor’s office so they can print my reports if I’m using the t:connect mobile app?

If you have authorized your doctor to link your t:connect account with your doctor’s professional t:connect HCP™ account, then your pump data can be available for your doctor’s staff to print out even before you arrive at the doctor’s office. Your authorized doctor will have access to the most recent upload from your pump to your t:connect account through the mobile app. Remember that your when your pump is paired with the t:connect mobile app, the app will securely and automatically upload your data to your cloud-based t:connect account, typically once per hour, when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or you allow cellular data usage. Please note that the amount of time it takes to wirelessly upload data from your pump to your t:connect account depends on how much data your pump has accumulated since its last upload.

 To authorize your doctor to link your t:connect accounts, you can either let them connect your pump to their computer once (if you have done this previously you shouldn't need to do it again) or your HCP can send you an invite, and you will need to enter your t:connect account login credentials to grant them access.


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