How do I enter my Dexcom G6 CGM transmitter ID on my t:slim X2 pump?

Watch the following video to learn how to enter a CGM transmitter ID on your t:slim X2 pump:

Connecting the Dexcom G6 CGM Transmitter Quick Reference Sheet

Entering your transmitter ID

To activate the Bluetooth communication, you need to enter the unique transmitter ID into your pump. Once the transmitter ID has been entered into your pump, the two devices can be paired, allowing your sensor glucose readings to be displayed on your t:slim X2 pump.

If you need to replace your transmitter, you will need to enter the new transmitter ID into your pump. If you need to replace your pump, you will need to reenter the transmitter ID into your pump.

1. Remove the transmitter from its packaging. Wait 10 minutes for the transmitter to turn on.

2. From the Home Screen, tap OPTIONS.

3. Tap My CGM.

4. Tap CGM Settings.

5. Tap Transmitter ID.

6. Using the onscreen keypad, enter the unique transmitter ID. The transmitter ID can be found on the bottom (flat surface) of your transmitter.

The letters I, O, V, and Z are not used in transmitter IDs and should not be entered. If one of these letters is entered, you will be notified that an invalid ID was entered and prompted to enter a valid ID.

7. Tap NEXT.

8. To make sure that the correct transmitter ID is entered, you will be prompted to enter it a second time.

9. Repeat step 6 above, then tap DONE. If the transmitter IDs you entered do not match you will be prompted to start the process again.

✓ Once matching values have been entered, you will be returned to the CGM Settings screen and the transmitter ID you entered will be highlighted in yellow.

10. Tap SAVE.

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