I can't get my t:slim X2 pump to stay connected to my Dexcom transmitter. What should I do?

If you are having difficulty keeping your Dexcom CGM connected with your t:slim X2 insulin pump, it may be because:

  • Your Dexcom transmitter is linked with your Dexcom receiver instead of your t:slim X2 pump. A single transmitter cannot be connected to your insulin pump and a Dexcom receiver at the same time.
  • Your phone with the Dexcom app is in a different room. Your Dexcom transmitter makes communication with the Dexcom app a priority; therefore, if you walk away from your phone while connected to both the Dexcom app and the t:slim X2 pump, the pump can become disconnected. If you wish to remain connected to both devices, please keep your phone near your transmitter to maintain the connection.
  • Your transmitter and pump can’t “see” each other. Your pump and transmitter should be within line-of-sight without any obstruction (including any body parts). Ensure that your pump and transmitter are on the same side of your body and that your pump screen is facing away from your body.
  • Your transmitter is outside of warranty. Your transmitter is in warranty for three months but may last up to 112 days. If your transmitter has been in use longer than 90 days, Dexcom does not guarantee results, and you will need to get a new transmitter.


After trying any of these tips, be sure to give your pump 10-15 minutes to reconnect.

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