Which software version do I need for my t:slim X2 pump to connect to the t:connect mobile app? [video]

If your pump is not compatible with the t:connect mobile app, you will not see "Bluetooth Settings" in your Options. To connect your t:slim X2 pump with the mobile app, you must be running software versions 6.3.1/7.3.1 or higher.  You can see which version of software your pump is using by visiting the main menu, choosing Options, My Pump, and then Pump info. If you do not have a compatible software version on your t:slim X2 pump, you will need to complete a software update prior to using the t:connect mobile app. If you are eligible for a software update (your t:slim X2 pump is in warranty), visit portal.tandemdiabetes.com and log in with your t:connect username and password. You can also view our t:connect mobile app support video for instructions.

Please note: If you are not already using a t:slim X2 insulin pump with Basal-IQ technology or Control-IQ technology, a prescription may be required for the software update.

How to see what pump software version you have:

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