How to insert a VariSoft infusion set [video]

Watch the video below for instructions on how to insert the VariSoft infusion set:

View, download, or print the following PDF for illustrated instructions on how to use the VariSoft infusion set:

VariSoft Instructions for Use (PDF) >

Infusion Set Insertion VariSoft Quick Reference Sheet

Prepare and insert a VariSoft infusion set

  1. Wash your hands before inserting VariSoft.
  2. Recommended insertion areas. Do not use an area right next to your previous place of insertion. Please refer to your healthcare provider for infusion site rotation.
  3. Clean the area of insertion with a disinfectant as directed by your healthcare provider. Be sure the area is dry before inserting VariSoft.
  4. Remove the contents of your set.
  5. Hold the introducer needle with one hand while gently removing the front half of the adhesive backing paper with the other hand.

Be careful not to touch the introducer needle when removing the adhesive backing paper.

  1. Carefully remove the needle guard by first twisting and then pulling.
  2. Prepare to insert by pinching the skin at your insertion site with one hand to lift the skin away from the muscle tissue.
  3. Insert the cannula. Release the pinch, leaving the cannula in the layer of fat just below the skin surface.
  4. With the cannula inserted, secure the front piece of adhesive to your skin by pressing down on the adhesive tape.
  5. Remove the introducer needle.
  6. Place one finger in front of the clear window. Squeeze the sides of the introducer needle with the other hand and pull the introducer needle straight back.

NOTE: If you experience difficulty removing the needle, you may be pressing on the needle with your forefinger. Try straddling the needle with two fingers to secure the adhesive tape while you are pulling the needle out.

  1. Place a finger in front of the clear window to secure the cannula. Carefully lift up the back of the adhesive tape. Remove the remaining adhesive backing paper.

Press the adhesive tape firmly to secure the infusion set.

  1. Attach the infusion set tubing to the tubing lock connector on the cartridge. Twist the tubing lock clockwise until finger tight and then twist another quarter of a turn to ensure a secure connection.

Remove the circular protective cap and fill your tubing according to the instructions in your user guide.

When filling tubing, hold the connector needle pointing down. Fill until you see drops of insulin come out of the connector needle.

NOTE: Make sure there are no gaps of air in your tubing to reduce the possibility of interrupted insulin delivery.

NEVER fill your tubing while your infusion set is connected to your body.

  1. Connect the filled tubing to the infusion set by holding the connector needle at the point where it connects with the tubing. Be sure you have the connector needle right side up to properly connect to the site.
  2. Insert the connector needle into the cannula housing. You should hear a click when it connects.
  3. Fill the cannula with 0.7 units. You are now ready to resume using your pump, and to start delivering insulin.

Disconnect a VariSoft infusion set

You may want to temporarily disconnect from your pump at times such as showering, swimming, and contact sports.

To do this, always disconnect from your site by gently squeezing the side tabs and pulling the end of the tubing off the cannula housing while holding the tape with your other finger.

Cover the connector needle with the circular protective cap and insert the disconnect cover into the cannula housing until you hear a click.

Never disconnect at the tubing lock.

Reconnect a VariSoft infusion set

To reconnect, remove the circular protective cap. With the needle pointing down, fill the tubing until you see insulin drip from the connector needle.

Remove the cover from the cannula housing.

Place your finger in front of the cannula housing and push the connector needle straight in until you hear a click.


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