How to insert the AutoSoft XC infusion set [video]

The steps for inserting and AutoSoft XC are almost the same as the following video for the AutoSoft 90 set. The only difference is how you disconnect the connector needle from the cannula housing, which is covered in the directions and PDF below.

Please view, download, or print the following PDF for illustrated instructions on using the AutoSoft XC infusion set:

Autosoft XC Instructions for Use (PDF) >

Infusion Set Insertion AutoSoftXC Reference Sheet

Prepare and insert and AutoSoft XC infusion set

  1. Wash your hands before inserting AutoSoft XC.
  2. Recommended insertion areas. Do not use an area right next to your previous place of insertion.
  3. Clean the area of insertion with a disinfectant as directed by your healthcare provider. Be sure the area is dry before inserting AutoSoft XC.
  4. Pull the red tape to remove the seal.
  5. Remove the sterile paper.
  6. Press the three raised dots on each side of the lid firmly with one hand and lift up with the other hand. CAUTION: Be careful not to bend or touch the AutoSoft XC introducer needle when preparing the inserter and infusion set. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the infusion set is not securely placed in the insertion device with the needle pointing straight ahead prior to insertion, pain or minor injury may occur. To avoid this, please ensure that the following steps are taken gently so the infusion set is not loosened/removed by accident.
  7. UNWINDING THE TUBING: Carefully twist the beginning of the tubing out of the slot. Pull up gently. Now unwind the tubing from the insertion device by pulling it carefully upwards.

CAUTION: Do not touch the AutoSoft XC introducer needle when unwinding the tubing. Be careful not to pull too hard when the tubing is fully released. You could accidentally remove the infusion set from the introducer needle.

  1. Connect AutoSoft XC to a reservoir/cartridge and the pump. Prime infusion set. Ensure there are no air bubbles in the tubing or AutoSoft XC.

CAUTION: When priming the infusion set, hold AutoSoft XC with the needle pointing down to ensure that medication does not come in contact with the adhesive backing paper.

  1. Pull up gently to remove the adhesive backing paper.
  2. PREPARE THE INSERTER: Place fingers on lined indentations. Press lined indentations on each side. Pull spring up until you hear a “click”.
  3. Carefully remove the needle guard by gently twisting and then pulling it.

CAUTION: Before positioning AutoSoft XC over clean insertion site, place the tubing in the slot to ensure that the tubing is not caught underneath the device during insertion.

  1. INSERT AUTOSOFT XC: Position AutoSoft XC over the insertion site. Simultaneously press the round indentations on both sides of the insertion device to insert AutoSoft XC.
  2. Push gently on the center of the inserter to secure the adhesive on the skin.
  3. Remove the inserter/introducer needle by grasping the center and pulling it gently back. Massage the tape thoroughly onto the skin. Fill the empty space in the cannula with the following amount of insulin:

U-100 insulin:

  • 6 mm: 0.3 units (0.003 ml)
  • 9 mm: 0.5 units (0.005 ml)
  1. Push the lid back in place until you hear a “click.”

Disconnect an AutoSoft XC infusion set

  1. AutoSoft XC allows you to temporarily disconnect your pump without having to change the infusion set. Hold the adhesive in place by placing a finger just in front of the cannula housing, and gently squeeze the sides of AutoSoft XC. Pull the connector needle straight out from the cannula housing.
  2. Insert the disconnect cover into the cannula housing until you hear a “click”.

Reconnect an AutoSoft XC infusion set

  1. Prime the infusion set until medication dispenses from the needle. CAUTION: When priming the infusion set, hold AutoSoft XC with the needle pointing down.
  2. Place a finger on the adhesive tape just in front of the cannula housing.
  3. Push the connector needle straight in until you hear a “click”.
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