What infusion sets does Tandem Diabetes Care offer?

Tandem Diabetes Care offers a variety of infusion set choices to meet pump users’ needs.

AutoSoft 90

The AutoSoft™ 90 infusion set is our most popular all-in-one infusion set. The 90-degree soft cannula comes pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter, so one-handed insertions are quick and easy, even in hard-to-reach areas.

AutoSoft XC

The AutoSoft™ XC infusion set is an all-in-one straight-set infusion system. The 90-degree soft cannula is pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter, so one-handed insertions are easy, and it also has a build-in needle cover.

AutoSoft 30

The AutoSoft™ 30 infusion set is an all-in-one, angled infusion set with a disposable integrated insertion device. The inserter ensures a 30-degree angle with each insertion and the reversible connector makes reconnecting fast.


The VariSoft™ infusion set is easy to insert, has a discreet, low profile, and convenient at-site disconnection. It allows users to choose their most comfortable insertion angle (20°-45°), so it's preferred by patients who are lean and active.


The TruSteel™ infusion set features a very fine, 29-gauge, 90-degree stainless steel needle for those who prefer the reliability of steel sets but don't want to compromise on comfort. With its additional adhesive pad, it provides extra security against needle dislodging. The set's simplicity and security make it a good choice for those who have reactions to plastic cannulas, and those with a history of bent cannulas.

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