What is the Basal Limit feature?

What is Basal Limit?

Basal limit is a safety feature intended to prevent accidently setting a basal rate higher than you intended. (For example, this could help keep you from setting a basal rate of 2.0 instead of 0.2 because the decimal point was omitted.) Your basal rate settings can be found in your Personal Profile Timed Settings.

How should I decide how to set my Basal Limit?

If you want to be able to fully utilize the maximum Temporary Basal Rate value of 250%, you might consider setting your Max Basal Rate to 2.5 times your highest programmed basal rate. The Control-IQ algorithm is unaffected by the Basal Limit. Should you have further questions regarding your specific settings, we advise that you discuss with your healthcare provider.

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