How do I turn my Tandem insulin pump off and back on? [video]

Watch the following video for instructions on how to turn off your t:slim, t:slim G4, t:slim X2, or t:flex insulin pump:

In order to store or ship your Tandem insulin pump, you’ll need to put it in storage mode:

1. Plug a USB cable into the micro-USB port of your Tandem pump and connect it to a power source.

2. If properly connected, you should hear an audible alert and a charge symbol (lightning bolt) will appear on the battery level indicator.

3. Press and hold the Wake Button for approximately 30–40 seconds.

4. When the pump beeps/vibrates three times, release the button.

5. To confirm the pump is in Storage Mode, unplug the pump from the power source and press the Wake Button. The screen should not illuminate.

6. If the screen illuminates, repeat steps 1–4.

To turn your pump back on, simply connect it to a power source. It may take up to a minute to turn back.

Note: All of your Personal Profile information, as well as you CGM transmitter ID, will be saved while your pump is off, but your IOB will not. When you turn you turn your pump back on, you will need to load a new cartridge to resume insulin delivery. If you have an active CGM session on your phone when you turn on your pump, you should start a new CGM session on your pump, but you do not need to re-enter your sensor code.

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