What is the risk associated with hydroxyurea use while using Control-IQ technology?

DO NOT use Control-IQ technology if you are taking hydroxyurea, a medication used in the treatment of diseases including cancer and sickle cell anemia. The use of hydroxyurea will result in sensor glucose readings that are higher than actual glucose levels. The level of inaccuracy in sensor glucose readings is based on the amount of hydroxyurea in the body. Control-IQ technology relies on sensor glucose readings to adjust insulin, provide automatic correction boluses, and provide high and low glucose alerts. If Control-IQ technology receives sensor readings that are higher than actual glucose levels, it could result in missed hypoglycemia alerts and errors in diabetes management, such as delivery of excess basal insulin and correction boluses, including automatic correction boluses. Hydroxyurea can also result in errors when reviewing, analyzing and interpreting historical patterns for assessing glucose control.

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