When does Control-IQ deliver automatic correction boluses?

When Control-IQ technology predicts that your glucose value will be at or above 180 mg/dL 30 minutes in the future, and when Control-IQ technology is either increasing insulin delivery or delivering the Max Basal Rate, the pump will automatically deliver an Automatic Correction Bolus to attempt to achieve the target glucose range.

A Control-IQ Automatic Correction Bolus will deliver 60% of the total correction bolus calculated based on your Personal Profile correction factor, current CGM reading, and IOB.

Automatic Bolus Delivery occurs at most once every 60 minutes. An Automatic Correction Bolus will not be delivered within 60 minutes of the start, cancellation, or completion of a food bolus or extended food bolus.

In addition, any manual correction bolus that you choose to give resets the 60-minute timer for an Automatic Correction Bolus.

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