How will I be trained on my Tandem insulin pump?

Training happens in a variety of ways. If your healthcare provider requests that Tandem do the training, we will contact you within five business days after you receive your pump to determine the best way for you to get trained based on your schedule and location. Some healthcare practices prefer to do their own training, in which case you will not receive a call from Tandem. If you are not sure who will be doing your training, or if you haven’t heard from Tandem after receiving your pump, please don’t hesitate to call our Customer Support line for assistance.

If you previously owned a Tandem pump, then you will not be required by Tandem to do in-person training for your new Tandem pump.  You may receive an email with a training video, and you can call us if you have any questions about new pump features or if you would like additional training.

This document covers everything you need to know to prepare for your training.

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