What are the steps for purchasing a new pump?

If you are having us request insurance approval (to help cover the cost of the pump), then the process includes the following: 

  • Gathering/updating your medical information (including asking you questions to check insurance qualifications). For some insurers this may include certain lab tests if you don't have recent results on file.
  • Obtaining a prescription from your healthcare provider
  • Submitting everything to insurance for authorization (this will also determine if Tandem can work with you directly or if we need to refer you to a medical equipment distributor that is contracted with your insurance provider)
  • Collecting any co-pays (if necessary)
  • Shipping your pump
  • In-person training on using your new insulin pump


If you are NOT using insurance to help cover the cost of the pump and are paying for the pump yourself, then we only need to gather or update your information and obtain a prescription from your healthcare provider.

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