How will I be kept informed during the purchase process?

You will be contacted by your Insurance Verification Representative within five days of receiving all your paperwork.  They will work on making sure everything is going smoothly.  If we determine you will be purchasing your pump using a distributor (to get you “in network” pricing for the pump), then you will be contacted by the distributor as well.  Make sure to call back as soon as possible if you get any messages requesting to speak with you, as contact with you may be needed before progressing to the next step in processing.  If we are working with a distributor for processing your pump, then you may hear from Tandem and/or from the distributor if there are any issues along the way.

 If you want to request a status update, you can ask any of our Insurance Verification Representatives by calling the phone number provided by your Insurance Verification Representative.  We have a team of people who are happy to provide you an update.

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