Why does my Tandem pump show less insulin than I put in?

Why is my insulin fill estimate too low sometimes after I first refill the cartridge?

The initial estimate of the insulin level is calculated during priming process and may occasionally generate a low estimate of the cartridge’s actual insulin level. Each time insulin is delivered, the estimate of the remaining insulin is updated and refined. If the initial estimate made during priming is low, the displayed reading on the home screen will remain where it is until the actual contents are reduced to the displayed estimate.

If you have concerns about your fill estimate amounts, please contact Technical Support.

Why isn’t my insulin cartridge showing as full after I added the maximum amount?

The fill estimate displayed on the pump is the amount of insulin available for delivery. It does not include insulin needed to fill the tubing (up to 30 units) and a small amount of insulin that is not available for delivery. When filling the syringe, users should add approximately 45 units to the amount of insulin they want available for delivery.

For example, if the user desires a minimum of 100 units available for delivery after fill tubing has been completed, they will fill the syringe with approximately 145 units to have enough to fill the tubing and still have 100 units available for delivery.

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